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Fishing in the French Jura

The Jura welcomes you with its beautiful landscapes, rivers, lakes and ponds.

the bottom Jura plains with rivers of 1st and 2nd category, through the trays, you will find rivers dominated by the famous zébrées trouts , and the lakes with pike, whitefish but whose specific attracts fishing enthusiasts from throughout the region.

Vouglans and Coiselet , the two regional pearls are particularly appreciated for their zander and pike and a very good population of cyprinids. the river Doubs near the town of Dole, is famous for pike and catfishs 

You will also take great satisfaction in practicing your passion in small rivers of 1st category, with a lot of small wild trout and grayling 

Don't forget lakes like the Rousses , Illay , le Val , Bonlieu , Clairvaux, Chalain , ...

The Federation opened the fishing on the pond Grand Truge after two years of Assec. The pond Grand Bernardier, BASS CENTER of the federation, recently purchased by the Federation, accessible with licence federal reciprocity of Jura .

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